Thursday, 30 September 2010

Freshers Tutorial...

So this is my very first tutorial! We got our Student I.D cards this week and I know that I will leave my card in my purse, stored in my locker at some point so knew I needed a neck strap. I had one at College and whilst people moaned about having to wear one I thought it was really handy! Things have to be attached to me else I leave it somewhere, like across body bags, wristlets etc... We weren't given a strap so I decided to make one! So in the spirit of Freshers week I thought I'd share this neck strap tutorial with you in case anyone's as forgetful as me! You will need...Yarn (I used vintage cotton), crochet hook (I used 4mm) yarn needle, scissors and blank card holder.

Make a Slipknot in the end of the yarn and place onto the crochet hook, with the long yarn in front.

Make 120-150 stitches on the hook
Complete a row of double crochet (or more rows/less if using smaller/larger crochet) Youtube have great tutorials
Cut the yarn with a bit of a tail and knot through the slip knot. Then using yarn needle weave loose threads into the crochet.
loop the strap through the clip and thin yarn to a couple of threads. Sew the ends together so that the card hoder is on the strap. Alternatively you can crochet the ends together once you've finished the row, just make sure you loop the card holder on!
Tie yarn around the top of the clip and wrap around strap to secure the card holder in place.

Don't forget to accessorize! Buttons would be a cute addition.  I added a cute crochet bow.
I got the giggles....

I hope you like it! Have an awesome Freshers!

Love emme lou x

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