Friday, 10 September 2010

Squiffy Shoe!

I completed the first bootie last night. I had added on more stitches at some point...don't quite know why and when, but they are there. I was a little annoyed to say the least so just put it to one side and went to start making poppies. I then realised that I had in fact brought the wrong fabric...I needed polyester Taffeta not Silk Taffeta. Such a silly thing to do but that's what happens when stress, tiredness and colour panic hits in the fabric shop. Oh dear...I am a muffin. I've rang a store to send a sample of the correct fabric to see if it is perfect poppy red! Thank goodness I was preparing for orders before hand! I decided to knit another bootie to get over the stress, and anger at my squidgy muffiness. I managed to do most of the shoe with the correct stitches and was so very happy with myself! I decided to pop on X factor whilst doing the last half...which was a mistake! I had to undo a row and put it on the other needle but I did it all by myself! I finished up and realised that although I did it all correctly, the side of the shoe wasn't quite correct.  Figure that one out?! I left it and went to bed to sulk and sleep. I stitched one up just now with a little surgery with thread and a needle! It is the squiffiest baby shoe ever, but it can't be perfect the first (or second) attempt...right?  Please agree! I am trying to be proud of myself for following a pattern for the first time but I am disappointed in the imperfection. My Godson will not be wearing these.
I won't be knitting for a little while. I have sooo much to do and am staring at an application form knowing I am crazy and taking too much on but it will be filled out and sent off today! I feel slightly sick at the thought but will be amazing after a lot of work and sleepless nights!  I will share all soon!

Love emme lou x


Tamsyn said...

it's not going to be perfect on your first try...just think the next one will be even better. that one doesn't look too bad anyway! :D x

emme lou said...

Thanks Tamsyn, I hate being a perfectionist sometimes. You should see the other side! tehee x

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