Monday, 6 September 2010

I love baking...

... and I don't even mind the mess! well...I can almost bear it! There's nothing better than adding a few ingredients to a cute mixing bowl, beating them together and waiting for it to bake whilst the house fills with the delicious smell. (I have added an electric mixer to my christmas list! Hand beating is exhausting!) 
I always clean up while its in the oven but I'm working on my obsessive need for clean,  so I read another chapter from Breaking Dawn instead! My favourite part of baking cakes is the frosting. I'll share my secret, soya butter! It tastes even better than normal butter icing, not as sickly but just as sweet (and better for you, if that is possible with all the sugar!) I made Choo's birthday cake with duck eggs from our friends in the country, I'm becoming quite a snob with my eggs, chicken eggs just don't cut it anymore!  The cake was a vanilla sponge with vanilla frosting and mixed fruit jam & frosting in the middle. It took me all afternoon and was finished just 5 minutes before I had to leave but it was delicious. 
It was a lovely evening, playing with Josie and Akira, Choos' daughter and niece, chatting with friends and eating cheesy balls.


 Baking is  where my kitchen skills end. James is an amazing cook, luckily! I have just proved this as my house now smells like burnt porridge. Yes, I burnt my oats. It will be fun scrubbing that pan later! But for now I'm going to get my Falmouth homework sorted and wait for James to come home with my 1940s doctors bag that arrived at the Studio today! yay!

Love emme lou x


Lucy said...

Is it wrong that I think the mixture looks more delicious than the finished cake?! I just can't get enough of cake mix!!

emme lou said...

cake mix is the best...but can only be eaten from a wooden spoon or beaters! xx

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