Friday, 17 September 2010

Summer homework in September...

I was just pondering on a title when I noticed out of the corner of my eye...a cobweb! I have been slacking (slightly) in the house chores, being responsible and prioritising, by working on my Falmouth homework. I am proud to say I didn't cry in my manic Oh my gosh where has the Summer gone and order melt down, but did do a little bit of sulking. I picked myself up, told myself to get a grip and got to work. My theme is identity and I've done this through my shoes! Yes I did shoes last term BUT not like this! All my left over ideas have been placed onto paper and feels great.  I'm exploring mark making and mixed media portraying myself through its application etc... (I'm not really sure what I'm talking about) it seems to be artistic and exploratory so I guess and hope I'm full filling the brief! I am actually really enjoying it. I have completed almost 20 pages since starting it afresh yesterday, so much for my 3 pages a day! I'm on a roll and covered in pastels, charcoal, ink and have paint on my feet! I will possibly let you in on the mess...maybe... we will see if I can get over perfection and share the image of my workroom right now! No one's perfect after all. So here are a few pages from my sketchbook... 

Pastel and Twine
Pastel & Graphite stick
Acrylic with modelling paste applied with palette knife
Acrylic ink and Acrylic paint
My friends have just arrived to cook us dinner! yay! But I will be working whilst chatting! I promise!

Love emme lou x

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