Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I went to the Fair...

I'm catching up on a few blog posts this lunch time before cracking on with my course work...I have oooodles! I just wanted to share some photos of my Christmas Gift fair last weekend at Trereife. It wasn't a great weekend. I was at the entrance to the marquee and stock blew off my table all day Saturday, people complained about the draft and wind and it was just awful. I caught the event organiser and explained the problem with the wind and the heater being at the opposite end of the marquee. He was so lovely and helpful, immediately pinning over one of the doors and arranging a heater to be placed with us for the next day. A few stall holders were amazed at the power of my eye lash batter but you get a long way by just being polite. The lovely Steph brought me over a yummy cupcake to cheer me up which worked immensely and I went over to friends that night, and a cuddle of the gorgeous sleeping Matilda (below) took all the negatives away. The next day was better, warmer and I had some truly lovely excited customers. I am all ready now for my next fair. I can't wait! Will share more with you soon!
Shabby Cow, I got to meet Anne Marie who was absolutely lovely just like her stall!
My dear friend Jo did really well with her wares at The Chocolate Factory. She gave me an owl necklace!   
 My lovely friends Colin and Choo came, with Josie and their visiting friends who brought baby Matilda too before they embarked on their long trip back home, it was so lovely to meet them and to see Tilly's big blue eyes, after my sleeping cuddle the night before. Babies are so magical.

Love emme lou x

Friday, 26 November 2010

Off we go!

Today my dear friend Kate and I are driving the boys to a secret location for the weekend. We are so excited! I even know where the hidden key is! It's great having power although Kate and I are in a power battle. I am being ordered to get ready and she has changed the leaving time to half hour earlier! Those who know me will know this is a VERY bad idea. I have been threatened with being left behind! 
But I am in charge of directions. The boys aren't too happy about this though, I have no idea why!?
I'm packing up my sewing kit and will be manically working whilst the others are sleeping and playing monopoly...I'm far too competitive for board games. Pieces normally go flying. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Can't wait to share our trip with you.


 We Heart It
 Love emme lou x 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Well I am a design student!

I thought I'd start regular posts showcasing designers and designer makers that I stumble across and share some loveliness. Plus I will learn from it too! My first Designer is Lu Flux. An Eco friendly London based Designer who uses recycled fabrics to create whimsical clothing fitting of a fairytale. Here's a sneak peek at their Spring/Summer 2011 collection, Over the Hills.

 An accessory from the last look will be featured on my next post over at The Vintage Cream. I love the crafty look and want James to get the pinwheel shorts...purely so I can wear them! 

Love emme lou x

Friday, 19 November 2010

Oh Deer!

Just having a break from sewing to share a sneak peek on what I'm working on. This little stag will be with me this weekend. Come check him out. I'm giving a free vintage button with every purchase for my blog readers. Just say you read my blog and pick a pretty button! 

Love emme lou x

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Birthday love...

Yesterday was my little sisters 21st Birthday. She is super talented and as cute as a button. I miss her so much as she lives in Cardiff and we haven't seen each other in six months. I can't wait to give her a cuddle and have a catch up when I see her at Christmas. I'm so excited! Hope you had a lovely Birthday Rebekah! 

Love emme lou x

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Here's the details to any of you lovely readers who would like to come. I will be there on Saturday and Sunday, hope to see you there!
 Love emme lou x

Crafty as a fox

Guess what I'm going to say...I've been so busy! I feel like a broken record but this is a manic time at the moment. Luckily weaving is now over, potentially over for ever if I want it to be which at the moment I do! We have now moved onto mixed media and I'm in my element stitching is what I do. I feel less pressure now which is brilliant as I've created more for myself and am busy sewing and crafting for the Christmas Gift buying Fair at Trereife this weekend. I'm so excited though and enjoying the intense making. I'm in my element. As the week goes on I'm sure the stress will kick in but for now I'm making good progress and feeling all festive! I'm a tad behind on my stitching for school but will be embroidering at the fair all weekend...hopefully I won't have time to though!
My dear friend Jo came over to drop off my bags for the fair and had a lovely catch up and showed me a few bits and pieces, one being extremely lovely and a little exciting! It's now safely stored in my sewing room waiting for me to repair! I took her our local hidden vintage store today and went rummaging in an antique flea shop. Needless to say I came home with some threads and of course buttons! I also brought a lovely (and cheap!) linen embroidery covered binder that I will do up for my Uni work. Normal sketchbooks are so boring! Here's a little peak at my day!

 Love emme lou x

Friday, 12 November 2010

Genius at work..

Jeremy Larson is the amazing artist I listen to when everything becomes a little much.  His music is so lovely, an instant calm, so I am listening to his album today whilst working from home...stitching away under the blanket on this cold drizzly day. 
Love emme lou x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remember Remember...

I was just getting over my flu and fever as Bonfire night crept around. I was desperate to get out of the house after a week camped out on the sofa so I wrapped up warm and James and I went on  a sniffly date to watch fireworks on Carbis Bay Beach. He queued in a ridiculously long line to get me some delicious hot donuts and we ate falafel whilst keeping toasty by the bonfire. The brilliant thing about it being on the beach was that the lovely sea air blew all the smoke away so it didn't aggravate my cough! In true British fashion as soon as the fireworks were over people started to leave. The event still had over two hours left but then the drizzle hit and people moved faster. James and I were left looking at each other in shock and went to meet our friend in St Ives for a drink and to play with sparklers on the beach.

 Love emme lou x

A few from Hallows' Eve...

 As promised here are a couple photos from Halloween. We found Wally, a witch (with the most beautiful hair!), a flapper girl, a cleaner, a skeleton, a guy in his PJ's for a reason I can't remember!  And many others. Nicole (Wally) made some Halloween bunting, punch, bobbing apples and the strongest Vodka jelly shots ever! Thanks for a spooktacular night!

Love emme lou x

Thursday, 4 November 2010

I shall go to the Fair...

I was so frustrated last night. I still felt terrible, I knew I had my assessment today that I wouldn't be able to go to and was whinging to James how I don't have time to be ill. I crawled upstairs to my messy sewing room, gathered up some vintage fabrics, glue, cotton, needles and blanks and got to work in the living room. James hesitantly asked if I was well enough to be doing it to which I replied no but I'm sick of doing nothing! 
He quickly went quiet again. 
It felt good getting a few bits for the Christmas Gift Fair made up but I still have a lot to do. I'm going to try and finish off some hair bows that are half completed whilst the Gilmore girls and a sleepy Roxy keep me company...I may end up napping with her.
Here's a little sneak peek... two weeks to go!

Love emme lou x

Monday, 1 November 2010

The Spook before the Flu

This year I went as a  Twilight Vampire, with the red eyes, pale and sparkly skin. I was told on a few occasions I looked like a Cullen so was extremely happy! I am a bit of a Twilight nerd! I had an awesome night at a friends House party, danced in town, put a very drunk friend to bed and  then woke up with ... the flu. I wish it was a hangover but sadly not. After all day yesterday having the shakes and sweats, I had the day off today. It's a good thing too as I am worse and collapsed earlier, knocking over all my yarn.
I'll share more with you soon and some spooky pics but for now I'm going to crawl back onto the sofa, watch twilight and wait for James to come home with soup.
Hope you had a spooktacular Halloween!

Love emme lou x