Saturday, 4 September 2010

So excited for Knit, Stitch and Bitch!

I have been trying to organise a craft night/day for soooo long now. It is so hard getting people together all at one time,especially as a few are Mummy's and aren't very local.  After several failed dates I decided to commit to one day, this coming Tuesday for Knit Stitch and Bitch with some super lovely ladies! I am sooo excited! I'm going to bake lots of yummy cupcakes and have a little tea party whilst we're at it!  yay! Laura from Come Watch Me Knit is coming over too which I am thrilled about! She's so super lovely and will be nice to see her outside of the boutique! yay! So if any of you lovely ladies reading this would like to come, message me and I'll let you know the details! Bring along a project, sewing, crafting, knitting  etc... and any drinks you may like! 
 I decided that I will start number 3 from my 4 Simple Goals as my project and spent a good 40 minutes rooting through the knitting patterns at Truro Fabrics last week but found nothing remotely cute or neutral; so had a look on Etsy and found this incredible shop...L'Oasi della MAGLIA  where she sells gorgeous bootie pattern PDF's! I picked a cute pair out but decided to be sensible and start small so picked these hopefully simple shoes, that will have my little twist to them. I still don't know if my God baby is a boy or girl yet so I am going to make them in neutral colours until the next pair where we should all hopefully know! I can't wait for an update with Choo (the Mummy to be) on Sunday, it was her birthday yesterday, celebrating with her family in law up in Scotland. I can't wait for her to be home!
 So with some expert knitters on hand I should be able to get a good start on the babies first pair of hand knitted shoes! Can't wait for Craft Day! 

Love emme lou x


Laura said...

Wooh! I'll help you! Can't wait! :D x

emme lou said...

yay! thank you! See you soon! xx

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