Saturday, 25 September 2010

Falmouth Flea

Today was the last Saturday of the month which means one thing...Vintage flea market! It was so busy and I had to weave around people to get to the goodies but came away with a couple things...a hand knit cardy and a green floral tea dress (SHORT tea dress eeek!) I met a couple of my lovely Textile ladies who have both jumped ship to Falmouth too! Yay! One  to BA Fine Art and the other to an Art and Environment MA. We had a little catch up and then James met us (he hates the flea market!) and we went our separate ways. I popped into Two Little Birds Vintage boutique and finally met Emma! She is so lovely and was great to put a face to a name/emails! There is exciting things happening with the Birds and I get to be a part of it! I can't wait!   We went into a really super cute new shop...well two!The first is the new Willow and Stone store which I was really excited to see Belle and Boo stocked in. Mandy Sutcliffe is so incredibly talented and  I fell instantly in love with a beautiful baby girl's pinafore with hand embroidered Boo which had even James admiring it! I did wish I had a little one to dress in it. One day.
The second shop we found as we were heading back to the car...Salt Pig. It was one of those 'hmmm shall we go in even though it will just be another gorgeous yet over priced vintage kitchen store?' We crept along at snails pace staring in the window and went in, and within 30seconds had a lovely teapot at the till point! A few minutes later a couple of Royal Doulton tea cup sets were added and a huge wish list was created in the five minutes to follow that. It was unbelievably reasonable and we were just a little happy with our lovely purchases! The shop owner was really lovely too and they've only been open 6 weeks so get down there! Just don't buy too much as I would like most of it!
I will post my lovely finds from today and my thrifty finds from yesterday tomorrow but for now here are a couple of photos I was able to take when my hands weren't full of chips and double decker Shake away!

 Yummy! I love the Maritime history of Falmouth and the Docks are both industrial and pretty. (not of the dock yard!)  I feel so lucky to live a little drive away and to be studying here for the next three years! It's my kind of town! 

 Love emme lou x


Two Little Birds Vintage Boutique said...

Oh, Emma you are sooo lovely, Vicky who runs Salt Pig is one of my close friends. I will show her this post and she will be so happy. Thank you for popping in, can't wait to get started,
Emma x

Anonymous said...

Hellooo Emme Lou!
Its so lovely to see nice things written about my shop! I saw the photos and remembered you coming in.
Oh i feel all warm inside! Thanks for making my day, hope to see you again soon
Vicky xx

emme lou said...

Hi Vicky, Your welcome! It's all down to you for having a cute shop! See you soon! and see you soon too Emma! xx

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