Monday, 13 September 2010

A perfect Sunday...

I woke up late yesterday with James asking if I still wanted to go to the Car Boot sale. I could barely keep my eyes open but the thought of thrifting goodness willed me out of bed and I was ready in 5 minutes, rocking the bed head look..kinda. I think James was a little shocked to say the least who quickly ran to get dressed. I couldn't believe how busy it was! I scored some real goodies...Vintage wooden shoe stretchers, vintage buttons and fabric, earthen wear, a frame from Becky (who was selling in preparation for her move!) AND... an amazing camera! The sellers were so absolutely lovely and said they had boxes of things at home that I could rummage through! He even appreciated my 50s milk mans bag! I think this will be a regular Sunday morning treat!
We went for a walk after through the countryside to get to.....
This! The gorgeous Woonsmith Lake, a former China Clay pit.
I have yet to buy film for the camera, I can't wait to try it, but I still got to play with it! I took off my pretty boots (so they wouldn't get muddy) as we walked through the stream to get to our spot of lakeside where Smoo and I went for a paddle...
Such a  lovely perfect day.
Love emme lou x

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