Thursday, 30 September 2010

Freshers Tutorial...

So this is my very first tutorial! We got our Student I.D cards this week and I know that I will leave my card in my purse, stored in my locker at some point so knew I needed a neck strap. I had one at College and whilst people moaned about having to wear one I thought it was really handy! Things have to be attached to me else I leave it somewhere, like across body bags, wristlets etc... We weren't given a strap so I decided to make one! So in the spirit of Freshers week I thought I'd share this neck strap tutorial with you in case anyone's as forgetful as me! You will need...Yarn (I used vintage cotton), crochet hook (I used 4mm) yarn needle, scissors and blank card holder.

Make a Slipknot in the end of the yarn and place onto the crochet hook, with the long yarn in front.

Make 120-150 stitches on the hook
Complete a row of double crochet (or more rows/less if using smaller/larger crochet) Youtube have great tutorials
Cut the yarn with a bit of a tail and knot through the slip knot. Then using yarn needle weave loose threads into the crochet.
loop the strap through the clip and thin yarn to a couple of threads. Sew the ends together so that the card hoder is on the strap. Alternatively you can crochet the ends together once you've finished the row, just make sure you loop the card holder on!
Tie yarn around the top of the clip and wrap around strap to secure the card holder in place.

Don't forget to accessorize! Buttons would be a cute addition.  I added a cute crochet bow.
I got the giggles....

I hope you like it! Have an awesome Freshers!

Love emme lou x

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More Vintage loveliness...whoops!

 I came home early from class today...well our afternoon was to go on a beach walk, the most lovely thing on our timetable this week; but I had errands to run. Once they were completed and I picked up the things on my weaving workshop list I thought I may as well have a look around a couple of charity shops and the Vintage shop. Redruth has mostly charity shops on it's high street. Most people would turn their nose I used to BUT they can be incredible! I have found many an amazing thing and ALWAYS a bargain and ALWAYS going to a good cause! I went to the Oxfam book shop and picked up a couple of vintage books, one to be turned into my print workbook and the huge one to be my technical folder...well technical vintage artists book! I'm going to paint all the pages and thicken them to write and pin work, samples and instructions on...after all I will be referring to it for my career and next 3 years so it has to look pretty as well as being practical! I went to Daisy Rain Vintage's shop in the Old Steam Bakery next, which is off the high street down a cute little alley. The emporium is full of amazing vintage finds, trinkets, clothes, furniture and accessories plus a lot more! I love it in there and never come out empty handed, which is why I avoid it most of the time! I brought this gorgeous Vintage leather bag which was £12 but I got it for the bargain price of £10! It's amazing what happens when you smile and ask for a discount! I will try and do a feature on them soon along with a couple others. It's darker than the photo shows and not as shiny but equally as gorgeous! It's the perfect mid size bag between my 50s milk mans and 40s Doctors bags! Such a successful day! oooo and I brought a gorgeous wardrobe too yesterday! From what I can tell it's 1930s and oh so gorgeous. I hopefully pick it up or sort delivery on Saturday and the best was £10!!! yes ten pounds. The beauty of a Charity house clearance warehouse. It will be a cute project to do and shouldn't take long! I'm a little excited! Will post photos when it's here!

 I'm working on a tutorial first so I am really excited! Have you found any vintage loveliness lately?

Love emme lou x

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I picked up the Poppy cards today from the printers...where I was given a cup of tea and a doughnut, mmmm. Those men are brilliant! I carded up the Poppies, counted and triple checked them all into their box and dropped them off. So now my first order has been completed and it's very exciting! The first of many I hope! Paper poppies are lovely but these are fashion and hair accessories to wear all year round AND profits go to Charity! It's win win if you ask me and little girls can show support for the Poppy Appeal as well as adults!


Love emme lou x

Monday, 27 September 2010

I'm a Falmouth Fresher!

I am now officially a Falmouth student! I'm finding it hard to believe and still pinching myself...did I really get in?! I struggled to open my eyes and step out into the cold air this morning but I got myself ready with plenty of time and was at the bus stop early too! Good start for me! I realised whilst sitting there that considering it was almost October i should probably wear something warmer than a dress, cardigan and tights! And with that my first lesson was learnt! It was such a pretty ride in, through the countryside and I met a few girls whilst waiting for inductions to start. It was such a beautiful day and the campus itself is pretty awesome, I feel so lucky to be studying there for 3 years. The machinery got me a little excited! We find out our timetables tomorrow and meet the technicians & then I'm leaving after lunch to pick up the merchandise cards from the printers! I'm actually looking forward to the trip to Uni tomorrow as a friend is driving me yay! Here are a few of the photos I took today of the design center and our space. Our mentors put up bunting!  
Love emme lou x name is Emma

Tonight I went into Design school as it was getting dark. We had a meet and greet with our mentors and fellow first years where we ate cake, drank tea, sat under bunting and made name badges while we got to know a few of each other a little. I had a scrappy little badge so surprise surprise I quickly made a new one when I got home with thick card and a few layers of tissue and pattern paper. I stuck on a bow made with tape measure ribbon and wrote a little about myself. It'll do!
It was really overwhelming as there is easily over 40 of us and only one boy! No he isn't Gay and he has a girlfriend in case you were wondering! I seem to be one of the oldest so far, (only 23!) most people being 19 but I have learnt from last year that age really doesn't matter! Tomorrow is my first day...full of introductions and inductions. My first day of being a Falmouth student! eeeek! It's also my friends first day of her new job so I want to wish her lots of luck! I must get some sleep! Nighty night!

Love emme lou x

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Thrifty things...

As promised here are my lovely thrifty/vintage finds this week. I brought a pair of cute vintage cup and saucers for £1 after I proofed at the printers. No matter how much I wash them though they still don't feel clean. I was fine until James went into the possibilities of where they came from and the most likely reasons of why they ended up in a house clearance charity shop! Anyway, one set will be coming to Falmouth with me...after a few more washes! I brought a cute hand knit vintage cardigan from the Flea Market at the weekend, along with a sweet tea dress, I love the print. Paired with thick brown tights/trousers, boots and chunky knit cardy I think it will be a staple in my Autumn wardrobe.

Happy thrifting! Love emme lou x

Can't sleep so here I go...

I couldn't sleep. I know I should be getting oodles of sleep what with being so busy and my meet and greet this evening but still...can't help the sleep come. So I decided to watch Away we go. I can't believe it's taken me so long to watch this movie! It is the most perfect, beautiful film I have watched in a while. The story is so touching and a true love story of a new family, trying to find a place to settle and getting parenting tips along the way. It's so heartwarming and I was laughing out loud and welling with tears at the same time. Sam Mendes is a genius. Everything about this is perfect. Can't wait for James to wake up so we can watch it together. 
I'm going to try and get some sleep now and dream of our future...


Love emme lou x

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Falmouth Flea

Today was the last Saturday of the month which means one thing...Vintage flea market! It was so busy and I had to weave around people to get to the goodies but came away with a couple things...a hand knit cardy and a green floral tea dress (SHORT tea dress eeek!) I met a couple of my lovely Textile ladies who have both jumped ship to Falmouth too! Yay! One  to BA Fine Art and the other to an Art and Environment MA. We had a little catch up and then James met us (he hates the flea market!) and we went our separate ways. I popped into Two Little Birds Vintage boutique and finally met Emma! She is so lovely and was great to put a face to a name/emails! There is exciting things happening with the Birds and I get to be a part of it! I can't wait!   We went into a really super cute new shop...well two!The first is the new Willow and Stone store which I was really excited to see Belle and Boo stocked in. Mandy Sutcliffe is so incredibly talented and  I fell instantly in love with a beautiful baby girl's pinafore with hand embroidered Boo which had even James admiring it! I did wish I had a little one to dress in it. One day.
The second shop we found as we were heading back to the car...Salt Pig. It was one of those 'hmmm shall we go in even though it will just be another gorgeous yet over priced vintage kitchen store?' We crept along at snails pace staring in the window and went in, and within 30seconds had a lovely teapot at the till point! A few minutes later a couple of Royal Doulton tea cup sets were added and a huge wish list was created in the five minutes to follow that. It was unbelievably reasonable and we were just a little happy with our lovely purchases! The shop owner was really lovely too and they've only been open 6 weeks so get down there! Just don't buy too much as I would like most of it!
I will post my lovely finds from today and my thrifty finds from yesterday tomorrow but for now here are a couple of photos I was able to take when my hands weren't full of chips and double decker Shake away!

 Yummy! I love the Maritime history of Falmouth and the Docks are both industrial and pretty. (not of the dock yard!)  I feel so lucky to live a little drive away and to be studying here for the next three years! It's my kind of town! 

 Love emme lou x

Friday, 24 September 2010

Been a while...

Its been a while since I've blogged...well since Tuesday but feels like I've had a huge break from the online world. I've been busy getting my poppy order completed, sourcing items and printers, getting stressed at said printers (One Stop printers are a joke!) and finding a new one (who give yummy chocolate doughnuts whilst proofing!) taking photos and preparing for Falmouth. I feel like I haven't stopped but I'm on target and things are finally running smoothly. I even took time out today to have lunch with friends and I dropped off the  Bernina and books at College which was a bittersweet College that is! I have so many memories there, met some lovely friends and despite a few hiccups, learnt a lot; But better things are waiting for me on the other side of the coast!
James and I had our first date night in a while (ooops) tonight. We ate junk food and watched a movie., the perfect Friday night. I'm getting the last few of the poppies finished now and then having my last 'fun' day tomorrow in Falmouth at the vintage flea market and Willy Dynamites with James, before enrolling as a Falmouth student! yay!  It will be nice just to take time out and not feel guilty, as everything is done. It's a great feeling. I'm loving prioritising and being productive! The only thing to suffer is the housework but a lot more has been gained than sparkly floors and ironed tea towels! But for now, in the spirit of going back to school, I leave you with this gorgeous video by She & Him. I adore Zooey Deschanel's style I want her blouse!


Love emme lou x

Silly shoot!

 I went over to my dear friend Jo's house this week to take photos of her gorgeous girls with the new poppy designs and originals. Her girls, Steph and Mog are the sweetest and so so funny! I was annoyed by this though when I got home as I soon realised most of the photos were blurry on account of me giggling throughout! The outside photos are so pretty though and the girls were far enough away to stifle my giggles.
We were a little grossed out at this HUGE slug!
After the photos I taught the girls to knit! And they can! I can't be that bad at explaining things after all! Every girl should learn to knit with vintage wooden needles and chunky Rowan yarn!
Only one of the close up photos has turned out from the vast amount taken. I think a re shoot is needed and possibly lesson two of knitting!

Love emme lou x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Knit crush!!

I was catching up with my regular blogs and found pleasantly plump knits blog (image sources). I adore her baby booties and am very VERY tempted to buy a pair and store them away for the future! She featured this textile artist, Christien Meindertsma who knits with extremely large "yarn"!  Pretty amazing! I want that rug so bad! 

 I'm having a really super productive day today, it's all quite exciting and my ring and clip blanks have just arrived! 
Love emme lou x