Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pretty as a Rose

Every now and then I come across a designer and think that's so meeee! Rosemary Milner's work is breath taking, with beautiful soft natural hues, thoughtfully 'unfinished' and understated. I wish I could live in her head. I've been in love with ink for a while now and woodland creatures (they seem to be everywhere!) and the mix of the two is perfect. I could stare at it all day.

Love emme lou x

Lovely Ladybird

Emily seems to be a bit of a creature magnet. Two pretty ladybirds made themselves at home on her, its the first I've seen this Summer. I'm also missing bumble bees. Hope I see them soon

Love emme lou x

Long Rock

Today me, Moo and my lovely girls took a picnic to Penzance and Long Rock Beach and had a lovely rummaging beach day. It was such a great day and the sun crept out on us which is evident all over my back and shoulders! The beach was like a scene out of Marley and Me with a huge amount of dogs and poor little overtired Monty didn't know where to run first! The water was so tempting and amazingly warm, I must remember to take my swimmers everywhere I go!

Love emme lou x