Thursday, 9 September 2010

Giddy for Gigs!

I was a little excited yesterday. I had my first row of the season...even though it's almost the end! I rowed last Summer with Zennor Gig Club where I learnt everything and luckily for me they trained me well as they wanted me for a crew. I loved it but didn't go back. My friend Kyla (who forced me to go rowing in the first place! Thanks Ky!) said about coming along to mounts Bay. Now Mounts Bay are like the Bernina's of the Cornish Gig Clubs. Mounts Bay was so beautiful, I can't believe I have never been! Mike and I were put into seats 1 and 2, unlucky for Mike as he rows Stroke side..I on the other hand am a Stroke, used to rowing in 4 so was happy in 2! I was really confused to start with but we were rowing backwards! Once the cox called the first stroke I was straight back into it. It felt like I'd never stopped. It was an incredible feeling, the sound of the sea, the clunking of the oars on the pegs...I think I must have squealed this is awesome a dozen times! I was back into feathering and found my rhythm straight away matching the stroke 6. I crabbed once eeek! but It wouldn't be fair to be THAT perfect after a year off!
the blob to the left of the center is me!
As soon as I got out of the Gig I was buzzing. It was the best feeling being back out there and I literally leaped over to James to squeal about the awesomeness! I was already wet from my thighs down so decided to go for a took off my jacket and bra and went into the sea (with some strange looks!) and swam as the sun was setting. It was the icing on my perfect cake and then, dripping wet, we ate scampi and chips back in the Countryside. I wish that was how everyday finished!

Love emme lou x

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