Saturday, 4 September 2010

Dear Santa....

I know most people think it's too early to start thinking about Christmas, but after being ordered by my Dad to look at flights for him to book for Christmas Visiting them in Vienna I have been dreaming up a wish list!
I saw over on Elsie's Blog that she had added some AMAZING headphones to Red Velvet Art made by Late to the Revolution. I am in love with them! I excitedly showed James who laughed and said they are cute for like crafting and I said I would wear them EVERY day, on the bus to Uni, whilst sewing and in a queue! He just chuckled, he is too sweet, he definitely needs a pair for the Studio! I love how the bow is the same yarn as my crocheted ones in the Boutique! It's a sign! So Dear Santa these are on my list along with a lomography Camera, and the cute pair of cut out Brogues and maybe patience too! 
Yes Santa does exist! He HAS to! As does St Nicholas! (I will be in Vienna after all!)
Love emme lou x

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