Saturday, 19 March 2011

Lovely Lomo

I picked up my first photos from my pretty Diana camera today! I'm so excited with how they came out! The first film was from Christmas in Vienna. I was expecting most of them to be back splodges on paper but only a couple of night time shots didn't turn out. The second film was kinda disappointing. Only two from my godsons birth turned out..don't know what happened to 12 of the photos!?! I can't wait to take Diana back to Austria with me next week!

 Love emme lou x

Owl Obsession

 I had my last deadline on Friday before Easter break next week...which I didn't make. I had a couple weeks of being poorly but I am almost done..almost! My sewing room has been very messy but the pretty productive type. Yummy hot chocolates in my new Owl mugs are making it easier to get through. The lovely mugs arrived on Friday morning, a 'just because' surprise from James. He's the best.  Here's a little bit of cuteness! He's lonely without his bottom half though. Love Laura Ashley!
We have some exciting new members coming to our little family soon! We've spent the afternoon getting muddy in preparation for the girls. I'm actually excited about it!

Love emme lou x

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Thrifty Things...

I love a good rummage around smelly old shops with junk piled high. A couple of weeks ago a couple of my lovely friends went on a  rummage tour with me of all the local charity and junk shops in my area. It was amazing! We all found some pretty things and had so much fun. It's great having friends who get excited as much as me! Here are a few of my latest thrifty things...
 We found this 1958 Singer in a barn outhouse that was meant to be locked! The man had to prise it open with a screwdriver as it didn't have a key! I managed to get it for a fiver! AND the electrics work! I was a little scared to try it at first for fear of messing up the electrics in the house but it works and just needs a darn good clean! It came with a box full of feet and the original instruction manual too! It even had a matching spool of thread all ready to go!
 I also found a cute little owl pot that now holds my pencils etc.. I have a thing for owls in case you didn't know!
 I picked up this cute knitting bag too full of yarn and some pretty vintage scarfs that will hopefully make cute headbands this S/S. 
Last but not least I found another mirror!! Exciting!! Only a few more to go until I can hang them up!

 Have you found any lovely things lately?

Love emme lou x

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mission Gouache

I grabbed a lift last week into Falmouth as I needed paints and we went for a bite to eat and a super quick browse. There are some really cute shops in the town but I couldn't get to visit them all. I picked up a really cute 30s mirror, complete with rust and perfect imperfections in a local charity shop. It is really quite heavy and I had to carry it with me on the long walk up to the town campus, through the woods so I could buy my lovely gouaches and sketch books (yet to be used!) We had a lovely little browse in this antique shop and I clocked several future hopeful birthday, anniversary, Christmas and valentines presents!

In order to put up the lovely hallway mirror, which is I believe a necessity to have, ( I mean who wants to leave the house with toothpaste on their cheek!?)  I had to relocate James picture...which he then put back up but is now safely in it's new location. The mirror was feeling pretty lonely so I think a collection of pretty 30s mirrors is needed. Yay! Will share my mirror finding adventures!

Love emme lou x

Vintage bling...

but it's not mine! My lovely friend Jo popped over last week for a quick coffee and catch up and showed me her beautiful 1930s engagement ring! Quite proud of her man for this choice but he looses brownie points for not carrying out a covert mission to find her ring size! Needs a bit of altering but it is perfect in everyway and so Jo! Bells are ringing in the near distant future!

a little blurry with all the excitement!

Love emme lou x