Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wedding Week Planning

I've been on a bit of a go slow with organising myself, my final degree year summer prep plan, and wedding DIY plan. Today though I dug out my beautiful to do list pad, from BoyGirlParty and filled a couple of pages. It's time to get organised! I may be a little excited at this prospect, having all aspects of my life neatly filed away, but once all the dreary tasks and planning have been sorted I get a whole week with my mum! She is over from Austria and it will be the first time I have seen her since before being engaged! Six months has flown by, and although we have done heaps of planning for the big day (now under a year away!) it hasn't felt quite real, however that will all change on wedding week! My mum hasn't even see my Wedding dress! 
I have had to get a sample sent from the headquarters in London, to a Bridal boutique just outside of Plymouth, that will be available for one day as it is being taken for a shoot straight after! It's been quite a palaver (for the store owner!) but it saves us travelling 6 hours! We also have our amazing caterer  coming to our house for a canape and wine tasting along with the best man, and we will be having a venue visit too, as my mum hasn't seen where we will be tying the knot either. 

I've been working on some special photo shoot prop/accessories this week (whilst getting over a horrible cold) and the Save the Dates are almost all done! 
I thought I'd share a little peek at some wedding details, so firstly here is our photographer, Ali Paul.
A lovely (mega talented) girl on my course told me she had an awesome photographer boyfriend who does weddings, and sent me a shameless plug...I'm soooo glad she did. Ali's photo's are beyond beautiful. He has a soft, natural and somewhat ethereal style and is so laid back, which will be great on the day! 

I can't wait to see the memories he captures. Go check him out! 

Love emme lou x