Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bailey the Birthday Boy

I was planning to go up to Plymouth today for the weekend to see my Godson Bailey who has turned five today! Happy Birthday! I cannot believe how quickly these five years have gone. He is such a fantastic kid, I love him so much. I've cancelled the trip up as me being me left it all  to the last minute to sort out and the logistics were a nightmare. I also didn't realise just how busy families are when they have two kids with a birthday party for yet more kids to sort out! I often forget as I don't have any and haven't visited in a while. I always come home happy but absolutely shattered when I visit the Tingley household! I don't know how Tasha and other working Mums do it! I can't wait to see him and his little sister Jazmine, (who turns three on Tuesday) when I go and visit in a couple of weeks that will be meticulously planned! 
So while James is in the countryside with dear friends, I'm nursing a very mild hangover from  Mister Oz's birthday party last night, and eating cupcakes. My order of bobby pins arrived from America today so I am planning on getting some work done (making pretty things) before going to the country for dinner. Oh and in case anyone was wondering...the scary application form was filled out and posted yesterday! Will share more soon! 

Love emme lou x

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