Friday, 23 December 2011

It's almost Christmas!

I'm sat in my sewing room, painting a little something for Jimmy's stocking, before I actually have to make one! I'm loving Christmas crafting without the pressure. Makes a nice change. Hope you are having fun with your Christmas preparations.

Here's what I'm listening too, something very festive and beautiful from Frightened Rabbit..enjoy!

Love emme lou x

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Pretty Peachy

I thought it was about time I updated the look of the blog, especially as I finally got around to applying for my student activation code for CS5. I've really missed photoshop.  I wanted something pretty and fresh, whilst maintaining my style. Peach and grey is my favourite colour combination at the moment, (as you will soon see from the bedroom makeover) and of course mustard! 
Thanks to Katrina over at Pugly Pixel for the template download. Her blog is so amazing, great tutorials, inspiration and everyday blogging.  I feel pretty happy with my modifications, once I'd worked things out, goodness knows how she does it! 

Hope you like the new look!

Love emme lou x

Monday, 19 December 2011

Hand and Lock project

Finally blogging about Uni work! Our first brief for the second year was for the Hand and Lock 2012 competition brief. We had a choice of three mini briefs to choose, with the theme of celebration. I chose 'Association D'ermites' which talks of desert hermit, silvery egrets, hyper modern and authentic, metallic, gems, midnight blue, sunset red, bright whites and delicate. I decided on the Circus for my celebration theme, focusing on the glamour of the 30s in depression America. Here are some pages from my sketchbook and my final samples.  I was ill for a big chunk of the project, a lot of late nights catching up, and trying to angle my dripping nose away from the silk fabric! Did I mention I was hooked on all things Twilight?! The soundtrack, the movies, it was a sewing twiathlon on repeat!
Now onto project two....India!!

Love emme lou x

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Stalking Olly

Ok is the Olly Murs plane story...we boarded our little BMI plane (sad it wasn't Austrian Airlines with their yummy muffins!) and got all comfy when James said casually 'isn't that that guy..Olly Murs?' and 'I was like is it..IS IT! it is! It has to be! omg omg!' staring straight at him as if he couldn't see me, as james went back to reading the airline magazine. Now i'm not even that big a fan, or a fan at all! I mean I watched him on X Factor, i like singing to his songs like a looser in the car but that's about it. However as soon as I see him walk past us on the confined plane with his cute little hat I get all ridiculous like a teen fan! (could have been the hysterical tiredness/sadness of missing my family that made me go a little crazy!) 
So anyway...for the whole of the flight I kept turning around to stare at him, what I could see, and stared a little more whilst rummaging for my kindle in the overhead storage! At which point Mr Olly was taking a nap on his coat listening to music, maybe himself?! James found me utterly ridiculous, especially when he asked me to name one of his songs and I couldn't! whooops! Anywho, I tried to take sneaky shots and laughed at his band/dancers(?) sleeping, but failed miserably on the photos. I could have asked for one, after all he was stood shoulder to shoulder to me! But I was too much of a 'star struck' pansy! I was pathetic! So these are the few terrible photos I do have. I also saw his dancer friend skipping to the toilet whilst he followed...James refused to follow them to ask for a photo! Next time I see a celebrity I will be as cool as a cucumber! 
See Olly 4 rows back! the guy behind us (grumpy looking guy) was grumpy most likely for me turning around the whole flight! And he is in the beige jacket below! 

Love emme lou x

An early Christmas

James and I went away to visit my parents in Vienna last week. I do love that 'going home' now means boarding a plane to Austria! We had a great time although it went very quickly.Vienna as always was beautiful. It smelt amazing too, all the sausage and spices. Their rum hot choc was a definite winner! 
Our 'Christmas day' consisted of a trip to the Schonbrunn Palace Christmas market, a relaxing afternoon at the thermal spa with my mum whilst my Dad and possibly James cooked dinner. We ate, drank, opened presents and watched the saddest film since Marley and me...Hachiko. I was a crying mess. A puppy mummy mess. Thanks to Dad for bringing the festivities to a crying end! 

Here's some highlights of our trip..

 Love emme lou x

Thursday, 8 December 2011

More OWLS!

A couple of nights ago James came home from work and surprised me with this gorgeous Owl cushion! He even brought a cushion inner, boys don't normally think of those things! and it was the right size may I just add! (it didn't have a size label)
It looks so pretty in the new bedroom that I will finish off this Christmas. I'll share photos when it's done along with some DIY projects. Love a bit of DIY!

Love emme lou x

Another Birthday Lovely

 The weekend before my Hand and Lock project deadline my sister and her boyfriend came down for her Birthday. They were early...I was un showered with a toilet brush in my hand....and a complete breakdown followed before I even said hello! Mid cry to my sister (post shower) i noticed Monty, on the day bed.. in the sewing room...eating something. Yup you guessed it my first finished sample!!! More tears, yelling and screaming happened and my sister and Jordan went to the pub. 
Take two, I was ready, they were on time and we were all so excited! (even with a slightly puffy face from the crying!) We had a lovely weekend, went to the beach, had dinner and saw Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!!! (I don't need to tell you all how incredible it is!!!) I even walked into the front room to see my sister and her lovely boyfriend sat on the sofa trying to make mini felt beads!! My heart melted and I realised just how lucky I was to have people who loved me even through my crazy! London feels far too far away, and I wish for more weekends like this (except the crying!) 

Love emme lou x