Saturday, 23 April 2011

Ethereal Architecture

For our Mixed Media Summer brief we have to pick two words from a list as our starting point. I picked Ethereal and Architecture. I took so many photos out in Vienna, looking at the beautiful buildings, the space in between, negative space and tram lines. I felt so inspired but since being home have been in a bit of a creative slump. Time has, as always, ran away from me. I was feeling a little lost and as I'm not sure exactly what we can produce next term, but I guess it's a good thing as I normally have a design in mind and then find references so it will be a good change for me. 
I've been putting off drawing for a couple of weeks now so I really must force myself to this afternoon! I have the house to myself, and I will keep thinking of Trereife tomorrow as my reward for actually doing something! 
Here's some pretty photos from my trip...

 Love emme lou x

Stealing Pretty things...thoughts, designs and work

Reading Ella Masters blog has reminded me of the bad side of doing something you love, in our case Art and Design. Having such passion for something, putting your head and your heart into your work can sometimes end in tears. 
People with no imagination, who copy your ideas and work can be harmless. You start off being angry, wondering how they think no one will notice but when you're a student at least you can think to yourself that they won't get far; however when someone copies your work for sales etc and gets abusive, it is taking things to a whole new level. 

Ella Masters is a Fine Art graduate of Falmouth University and to see follow what a graduate from my Design School is doing is pretty lovely. she has recently opened her online shop, Ruby Rae Love selling her handmade jewellery and is an illustrator. Someone has completely stolen one of her illustrations instead of paying £20 for Ella to design her a header. Pathetic? I think so!! Not to mention the foul language and abusive tone in messages.
She also works for Paperchase who ironically have been involved in a copyright issue from artist Hidden Eloise, and have finally admitted to the design being copied.

This happens worldwide, whether you are a student, small company or designer/maker etc... It's hard to just listen to the saying 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' when it's something so personal as your career , ideas and design developments. It's not like someone's buying the same pencil case as you at school or getting the same hair cut! 

So for the record Inspiration is to have ideas sparked by an element of design, trend, or even a leaf on a walk through the park! This is perfectly acceptable and necessary in order to create new fresh ideas. This is very different to saying you were inspired by so and so and their concept being evident. Basically when you can't admit to your inspiration you know you have copied!
 (see here for lots of examples!)

 I feel for you Ella, keep your chin up you're awesome! 

Love emme lou x

Friday, 22 April 2011

Single Traveller

Vienna was so per usual! It is so lovely visiting my parents as it's like going home as well as a holiday. It was strange not having James with me, but I had time with my parents, just us,  for the first time in a long time. Times that I will treasure. I spent days shopping, eating cake and chatting with my Mum, and ate ribs, paddled feet and visited museums with my Dad. I had lots of cuddles, drinks, sausages and giggles in between. It was perfect. Here's a few snippets from these special days...

Roller blading with my Dad on blades we brought 
16 years ago! So much fun!

Love emme lou x

Playing Catchup!

It has been a ridiculously long time since I last blogged! I felt like I had nothing fun to say in a while, it was all Uni work. I went to visit my parents in Vienna and a friend in Surrey in my first few weeks of half term. It was so lovely getting away but I missed James and Roxy terribly and James got us some new little family members whilst I was gone! I've been doing lots of cleaning and laundry since being back and enjoying baby cuddles, pizza eating with friends and baking and antique rummaging with Em. It's been a really lovely Easter holiday...4 weeks, four whole weeks and yes whilst I do love the long holidays being a Student I am actually itching to go back! I miss my routine, I miss class, I'm getting into a bit of an OCD high with the house and every little thing is driving me mad! So I go back on Tuesday after a fun packed Easter Weekend (and cramming work!) for the last term of my first year.  Hope you enjoy the few blog posts I'm catching up with over the next few days.

Love emme lou x