Monday, 16 May 2011

Lovely Lomo Pt 2

Well a week later and I am still ill. I'm over the worst and after an emergency stock up of a huge amount of fruit, veggies and cough syrup I am on the mend. I am ridiculously behind with my Uni work and sat at my pretty sewing machine trying to work my way through some of my missed workshop. I just wanted to share some pretty new photos from my Easter trip. I tried out slide film and am very happy with the results! The lovely film developers said it would be hit or miss to whether they would come out block bright colour unless I went for a different safer option of processing (that would have basically left me penniless), so I opted to risk it...and they are perfect. 

  Hope you're all managing to keep the bugs away!

Love emme lou x

Monday, 9 May 2011

Birthday Loveliness

I turned 24 on Friday! I had a lovely day and evening with my girls and some pretty surprises! I also got a not too lovely present of a sore throat and chesty cough that is driving me crazy as I am typing this. At least it is complete with runny eyes and blocked ears too! 
I did get lots of lovely presents though, a little box arrived for me on thursday which I opened after about a seconds deliberation and decided it would make me feel better! It was a little box of Illamasqua makeup with no note which could only be from my make up artist sister! Yay for no more eye bags! I opened all my pretty cards just gone midnight after already opening one on the sly only to have glitter all over my hands. In case you couldn't guess I am rather impatient! James wasn't surprised.
 He got me a shiny new phone that is me friendly! (very hard to come by). Here's a little peak at some lovely birthday things...

A very cute stressbuster gift bag full of funny and cute little things to stop me stressing. I laughed so hard!
A very pretty book full of lovely things that I can't wait to make! 
And last but definitely not least this pretty bike from my parents! Yay! Should be with me in a couple of months!

I have another birthday meal with friends to do and to see the little Mitchell family who get back from Scotland today and then my birthday is complete! I'm staying in bed today to ward off this horrid bug. 

Love emme lou x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Rummage Yard

Pinch Punch first of the Month! Just had to put it in there as I was late doing it today. Only 5 days until my birthday yay! Anyway, I'm still playing catchup with the blogging and remembered this pretty little rummage we went on a couple weeks ago by the sea. It was filled to the brim with all things pretty and random. The junk seemed to be in orderly chaos which made it easier to see what was what. Outside was full of doors, a bathroom graveyard and some unusual little buildings constructed of, you guessed it...junk! 

 I want more days like this please! The Mr and I are going on a little Ikea road trip date tomorrow! very excited!

Love emme lou x