Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More Vintage loveliness...whoops!

 I came home early from class today...well our afternoon was to go on a beach walk, the most lovely thing on our timetable this week; but I had errands to run. Once they were completed and I picked up the things on my weaving workshop list I thought I may as well have a look around a couple of charity shops and the Vintage shop. Redruth has mostly charity shops on it's high street. Most people would turn their nose I used to BUT they can be incredible! I have found many an amazing thing and ALWAYS a bargain and ALWAYS going to a good cause! I went to the Oxfam book shop and picked up a couple of vintage books, one to be turned into my print workbook and the huge one to be my technical folder...well technical vintage artists book! I'm going to paint all the pages and thicken them to write and pin work, samples and instructions on...after all I will be referring to it for my career and next 3 years so it has to look pretty as well as being practical! I went to Daisy Rain Vintage's shop in the Old Steam Bakery next, which is off the high street down a cute little alley. The emporium is full of amazing vintage finds, trinkets, clothes, furniture and accessories plus a lot more! I love it in there and never come out empty handed, which is why I avoid it most of the time! I brought this gorgeous Vintage leather bag which was £12 but I got it for the bargain price of £10! It's amazing what happens when you smile and ask for a discount! I will try and do a feature on them soon along with a couple others. It's darker than the photo shows and not as shiny but equally as gorgeous! It's the perfect mid size bag between my 50s milk mans and 40s Doctors bags! Such a successful day! oooo and I brought a gorgeous wardrobe too yesterday! From what I can tell it's 1930s and oh so gorgeous. I hopefully pick it up or sort delivery on Saturday and the best was £10!!! yes ten pounds. The beauty of a Charity house clearance warehouse. It will be a cute project to do and shouldn't take long! I'm a little excited! Will post photos when it's here!

 I'm working on a tutorial first so I am really excited! Have you found any vintage loveliness lately?

Love emme lou x

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