Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Knittering and Stittering!

Today was an amazingly lovely day.  All my textile ladies came: Tina, Tina, Clare, Debbie and Stacey from the FdA Fine Art Textiles course, Jo who I met at college two years ago now doing FdA Fine Art (moving away from paints and towards fabric yay!)  and a new sweet friend Laura who is a cute and quirky knitter I found when shopping who's starting her music PGCE on Monday...good luck! We were knittering and Stittering (knitting and stitching whilst mumbling and nattering) all afternoon into the early evening. We munched on cupcakes, bread pudding, organic radishes, tomatoes and cheese bread sticks and sandwiches whilst drinking a silly amount of tea! It was so lovely to catch up with everyone and was a huge success! It was such a lovely day, the first of many! Thank you everyone for coming!
I was up late last night baking vanilla frosted and Victoria Sponge butter cream & jam cupcakes for my first Knit Stitch and Bitch. They were scrummy!
Tina brought these delicious homemade Gluten free bread puddings!
Jo was the first to arrive by a couple of  minutes and brought me these!!! A cute Vintage Case and a Doris Day music book! I love her! SO sweet and I forgave her instantly for going Vintage shopping without me! Plus she is taking me tomorrow morning! I am a lucky girl!
Debs arrived with some pretty flowers for me! How I do love being a hostess!
an amateur knitting...

....and a true expert!
These photos about sums it up! I was baffled, confused and huffy (I don't like being bad at something) but Clare came to my rescue... on more than one occasion...maybe. I think Laura may have regretted sitting next to me as I was checking with her every two seconds! Thanks Ladies!
Laura brought her cute Granny Square over, This is also rolled into my number 3...possible Christening gift? I want something special and that will last for my God baby so I have a few ideas brewing for something unique! So exciting!
She also managed to knit a pair of baby booties for her friends baby girl due in October! Whilst I struggled on...
Tina stitched this amazing embroidery based on a sketch of a photo. She is so talented!
Last and definitely least here is my little baby bootie...After several failed attempts!  I was told (numerous times) that I am too my tension of course, which made it more difficult but I have neat stitches for now! I learnt everything I had already learnt too! It most definitely is not like riding a bike..especially when I have been constantly crocheting for the past half a year! But I'm back into the rhythm of knitting now and slightly scared as I am left to myself...just me and the booties. I hope I don't hit anything breakable when I'm throwing the needles in a fit of rage. I must be positive. I will try to be positive.
I will post my progress as it happens! But for now I'm going to clean up the crafty mess and look forward to my vintage and thrifting shopping trip in the morning and toddler group with dear Choo and Josie in the afternoon! Perfect procrastination!
Love emme lou x

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