Friday, 9 September 2011

Day tripping

We went to Plymouth last week and took Moo to meet my family. My parents are still living out in Austria and all of their family lives in the one city (except one!) Monty Moo was a hit! We stayed at my Nan's, had the best evening ful of a roast dinner, wine, bags of antique lace, talk of naughty things and wearing a part of said naughty thing (mentioned here!) Needless to say the swear jar that I have named the wed lock jar filled up...a LOT.
Moo ate a ridiculous amount of chicken and bacon from Nan and thanked her by not having any accidents.

Love emme lou x

Moo's grown!

I need to fall back in love with blogging...not obsessively but I miss it. I miss taking beautiful photos (of anything other than the puppy!) sharing creative goodies and finding inspiration. I go back to Design school in three weeks so a new routine needs to get started, that includes walking Monty moo at stupid O'clock! 
 Autumn is definitely here..I found my first conker today! And this means my huge Autumn clear out! 
It's been the biggest clear out I think I have ever had! I've made a lot of money on ebay! It is such a faff but my god is it worth it! Getting rid of the clutter, boxes of pretties stored here there and everywhere has made me feel so much better and my 3 year itch to move has been stifled by making new things for our home. DIY peeks to follow soon! 
I've booked in to pilates tonight for the first time in a looooooong time. The instructor is brutal...I'm expecting to be crawling out of bed tomorrow! 

Just wanted to share how much Moo has grown this Summer before I get onto DIY and pretty things! He matches the fallen leaves and my new all year Autumn inspired lounge. 

Love emme lou x