Thursday, 2 September 2010

Marmite Trousers...

Today I went into Truro, to pick up James' iPhone 4 thingy, as he couldn't possibly wait until I decided to do a little shopping whilst I was there. I  have been eyeing up harem pants and military style trousers for a while now and could never quite commit to them, most likely due to fear of being laughed at; and after seeing James' reaction to these very pair of trousers when I said how much I liked them, I pondered a while longer. I decided as I was by myself to try them on and stood and stared at them for at least 15 minutes still pondering, then they were at the till along with some crocheted tights and mink and peach nail polish. Please excuse the weird angled photo (will take a cuter one soon!) but I love them and I think, really, that's all that matters! I wandered in the fabric shop for an hour needing several things but came out empty handed due to hunger and tiredness (never a good combo for that shop!) so brought some snack sushi and a chocolate brownie from Marks and Spencers on the way back to the station.
Tomorrow will be a busy day of more sewing, it's all so exciting and hopefully I will receive my 40's doctors bag in the post! yay! But for now it's curling up on the sofa with  Roxy and Breaking Dawn for me! I can't put it down which really isn't good for all the many things I need to do!

Love emme lou x

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