Monday, 20 September 2010

Cute dish = PIE!

 We went shopping on Saturday where I sorted out my fabric, picked out a gorgeous new phone which I pick up on Friday and brought  a pretty Pie dish! Although I was feeling really poorly I convinced myself that baking a pie from scratch, pastry and all was a good idea. After all I had to use my pretty new dish! I was so excited to make apple pie, but James quickly corrected the fruit to chicken! So thanks to James new iPhone I found a yummy recipe for chicken and vegetable pie. So while the boys played on the 'new' vintage N64 (not my kind of vintage!) I got to baking. The process was long and tiring, I had to make the dough and let it set, pre-steam the vegetables, in 3 separate stages and pre cook the chicken. Luckily Choo taught me a few months ago how to make a roux which turned out delicious and then I had to roll out the pastry...which was crumbly! I was swearing like a sailor, after two and a half hours in the kitchen and feeling even worse I just wanted it done and cooked already! After adding water I made the crust and popped it in the oven for an hour. Whilst it was baking I read my new Sophie Kinsella book while the boys were geeking out.  The house smelt amazing and after the hour was up and the potatoes were weakly mashed, we ate. It was almost worth it! It was the best pie I've ever had and not bad for my first attempt although I'm not in a hurry to make another.  It's a lot easier to put a frozen pie in the oven for half an hour! 
Love emme lou x

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Lucy said...

I feel your pain - this happens to me whenever I try and make something like this from scratch. Yet my granny can whip up a pie in a matter of minutes - I don't know where I'm going wrong :S

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