Monday, 27 September 2010 name is Emma

Tonight I went into Design school as it was getting dark. We had a meet and greet with our mentors and fellow first years where we ate cake, drank tea, sat under bunting and made name badges while we got to know a few of each other a little. I had a scrappy little badge so surprise surprise I quickly made a new one when I got home with thick card and a few layers of tissue and pattern paper. I stuck on a bow made with tape measure ribbon and wrote a little about myself. It'll do!
It was really overwhelming as there is easily over 40 of us and only one boy! No he isn't Gay and he has a girlfriend in case you were wondering! I seem to be one of the oldest so far, (only 23!) most people being 19 but I have learnt from last year that age really doesn't matter! Tomorrow is my first day...full of introductions and inductions. My first day of being a Falmouth student! eeeek! It's also my friends first day of her new job so I want to wish her lots of luck! I must get some sleep! Nighty night!

Love emme lou x

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