Thursday, 16 September 2010

Organsied Chaos?

So as per usual everything is coming down to a last minute rush. I am trying my hardest to keep calm, sort out a plan of awesomeness to get everything completed and to NOT cry. Crying never gets me anywhere. I went to get a head start on my Poppies last week and realised as mentioned in a previous post that the fabric was wrong. I received a sample yesterday that I sourced hoping it would be correct isn't. So now I am trying not to panic, wondering how I'm going to find the perfect colour and fabric within two weeks. I will be going to Truro Fabrics tomorrow to beg them to help me! Hopefully it will be waiting for me patiently on a shelf, nestled into the other fabrics but if not I will be rooting through sample books! My first order came through yesterday! Very exciting but obviously daunting as I can't start one of the designs. So I shall be dying the mawata silk for the others today..
Also I lost my Falmouth Summer project brief. I know where everything is except for this important document that disappeared with the rest of my Falmouth welcome pack..those darn pixies! I started my work anyway and received my replacement pack yesterday...and soon realised I was doing it wrong. So in true fashion I will be locked away for the next week and a half with my book churning it out. I have some ideas for the brief so don't feel as panicked as I could. Thank goodness. Wish me luck! 
Love emme lou x

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