Friday, 24 September 2010

Silly shoot!

 I went over to my dear friend Jo's house this week to take photos of her gorgeous girls with the new poppy designs and originals. Her girls, Steph and Mog are the sweetest and so so funny! I was annoyed by this though when I got home as I soon realised most of the photos were blurry on account of me giggling throughout! The outside photos are so pretty though and the girls were far enough away to stifle my giggles.
We were a little grossed out at this HUGE slug!
After the photos I taught the girls to knit! And they can! I can't be that bad at explaining things after all! Every girl should learn to knit with vintage wooden needles and chunky Rowan yarn!
Only one of the close up photos has turned out from the vast amount taken. I think a re shoot is needed and possibly lesson two of knitting!

Love emme lou x

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Steph and Mog said...

Loving the SLUG! :E

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