Monday, 4 October 2010

Crossing the Tamar...(part one)

This weekend James and I crossed the Tamar into Plymouth, to go to the first Bette Noir Vintage and Handmade fair and visit my family. This is half of our weekend...
We picked up these lovely girls...
and saw the lovely birds, Ella and Emma...
 We all browsed the fair,
and saw some lovely jewellery from Anabelle Lou
I had to buy one!
and ate peanut butter cake pops from Bella's Bakery.
Mine fell on the floor! So James brought me another one! He's the best!
We left the girls and went to visit the Tingleys. We got attacked with cuddles and piggy back rides and James was shot a few times playing guns with Bailey. An hour and a half was plenty enough for us to be tired out! We went to visit my Nan for tea and sleepover, but that will be in part two! 
Love emme lou


Annabel said...

Hey, thanks for putting a link up to my site - hope you enjoyed the (2nd) cake pop! Love your blog, Annabel (Bella's Bakery) :)

emme lou said...

Thanks Annabel, I did! I wanted a third though! They were so delicious! xx

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