Friday, 24 September 2010

Been a while...

Its been a while since I've blogged...well since Tuesday but feels like I've had a huge break from the online world. I've been busy getting my poppy order completed, sourcing items and printers, getting stressed at said printers (One Stop printers are a joke!) and finding a new one (who give yummy chocolate doughnuts whilst proofing!) taking photos and preparing for Falmouth. I feel like I haven't stopped but I'm on target and things are finally running smoothly. I even took time out today to have lunch with friends and I dropped off the  Bernina and books at College which was a bittersweet College that is! I have so many memories there, met some lovely friends and despite a few hiccups, learnt a lot; But better things are waiting for me on the other side of the coast!
James and I had our first date night in a while (ooops) tonight. We ate junk food and watched a movie., the perfect Friday night. I'm getting the last few of the poppies finished now and then having my last 'fun' day tomorrow in Falmouth at the vintage flea market and Willy Dynamites with James, before enrolling as a Falmouth student! yay!  It will be nice just to take time out and not feel guilty, as everything is done. It's a great feeling. I'm loving prioritising and being productive! The only thing to suffer is the housework but a lot more has been gained than sparkly floors and ironed tea towels! But for now, in the spirit of going back to school, I leave you with this gorgeous video by She & Him. I adore Zooey Deschanel's style I want her blouse!


Love emme lou x

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