Wednesday, 18 August 2010


So last night I had my first yoga class in what seems like forever; number 4 on my 4 simple goals before 2011. I invited friends around for dinner...yes I cooked! I made stew and dumplings which went down extremely well, I began to enjoy it after a few mouthfuls as I realised it a. didn't kill anyone and b. actually tasted good! I may have to cook more, with the help of Jamie Oliver of course! After eating far too much Kate and I went to yoga! I was sooo excited to have the brilliant Lucy teaching me again but after looking around and waiting for her in the studio I realised (once the 'other' instructor began) that she wasn't taking the class. I was a tad annoyed but gave the 'other' instructor a chance. She was awful, so slow and hesitant, and didn't quite understand why my knees wouldn't straighten, the phrase 'my knees are dodgy' seemed to get her to stop touching them! After a few poses the class was over, no music, no chanting, no namaste, and no feeling of enlightenment or even a mild workout. A rather disappointing first class. I'm hoping Lucy was just sick that night, if so i truly hope she gets better soon! My lovely boyfriend stopped by the shops on the way home so Kate and I could get Country Living magazine to cheer us up! That, apple strudel and underage and pregnant seemed to do the job! Nothing better than food, trash TV and great friends to get you over disappointment! I hope next weeks class is better!

love emme lou x

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