Friday, 27 August 2010

Seeing red...Poppy red

I decided not to put it off any longer and went to the fabric shop in Truro. Luckily I only live a 10 minute train ride away from Cornwall's small city. I have given up asking people to come with me...I've dragged too many friends and loved ones there, stood bored and impatient in the place where time stops still, causing me to panic and ultimately making the wrong choices in my haste to keep them from hating me!
I needed to source Poppy fabric. I want a head start, to have some stock already to tide me over in case things get too busy which I am expecting, what with starting Falmouth in a month! I went to Marks & Spencer's first to get an energy boost; the fabric shop sucks all life out of you with the mass of choices. After my yummy brownie and smoothie I braved the shop. I found the exact colour of the Appeal logo and was thrilled at the price too! I wondered why it was placed with all the silks due to the price but took it to the counter along with two balls of rowan yarn, some pretty liberty fabric I couldn't resist and some checked linen for a new project!
I soon found out that the fabric was on special as it was the last of the batch of silk taffeta and wouldn't be getting anymore! To top it off the normal price to get more from the supplier (possibly not the same shade) was almost 4 times as much! Luckily the lovely girl has reserved it for me until my orders come in and  I can pay a holding deposit, paying for it as and when I need it! Thank goodness! I'm trying not to think of if I need more but I will be able to get thousands from the roll so for the sake of costs considering a charity is involved I hope I don't need more, but wouldn't it be amazing if I did! I feel a bit in limbo at the moment, just waiting, but after how well last year went, just keeping it local, I think I will be really busy! 
 The photos are only about a third of the store (upstairs)! There is a huge yarn and knitting section, as well as crafting, upholstery and costume departments! Not to mention the downstairs store too! I'm off to my sewing room today to make pretty things and back to school items for my shop update coming soon! 

Love emme lou x

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