Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sniffles and Shoes

Yesterday I woke up with a scratchy sore throat, that had me in a grump, knowing that I was getting ill. It was the longest day and Lauren had to leave work as she was so poorly with this cold bug thing, (that started with a sore throat) which made me even more grumpy knowing I was more than likely going to end up with the same fate! It is the worst timing, there is so much to do, emme lou shop updates, Falmouth summer homework, poppy prep and there is a new opportunity coming up which is amazing! So this morning I woke up to a million kisses as James left for work and felt horrid. I groaned my way downstairs and saw that I missed my Kurt Geiger boots delivery while I was at work (£160 down to £75! Thank you Amazon!). I threw on a jumper and dabbed a little concealer as not to scare anyone and walked around the corner to pick them up! They are so very cute and made me feel a tiny little bit better, so I am wearing them to break in the leather whilst sniffling(sweatshirt, leggings and cute boots isn't a great look). James has left some delicious homemade watercress soup (he's the bestest!) and I'm going to rest a lot in preparation for two teenage girls visiting me tomorrow for the weekend; whilst James visits dear old friends and his family back in his hometown. So for now it's Little Women and looking at my pretty boots to make me feel better!


love emme lou x


Anonymous said...

loving the boots emme lou!! your blog is so sweet, wish i was as sweet as that xx

emme lou said...

thank you! xx

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