Monday, 16 August 2010

Date night...Craft night!

So this is number 2 on my list of 4 simple goals. Friday night was our first date night, which didn't have the smoothest start! Silly me was busy researching, and blogging and didn't realise the time. I left the house at 5 and forgot that the local shops in the small town we live shut just before 5, therefore not only was the green grocers and butchers shut for the super yummy ingredients but the art shop was shut too so no card could be brought which was one of the main things needed! I tried not to panic, cursing myself for my bad timing...yet again and trekked to Tesco. I was cooking dinner (for once) to surprise James, I am not a cook and normally things catch fire, (like Jamie Olivers cook book which now has a lovely char grilled hole!) or the food burns. I am a baker, all things yummy and sugary, banana muffins are my best but whilst James loves my baking I thought he deserved to come home from a stressful week of deadlines to a home cooked dinner. I made it to tesco and brought all my ingredients for steak and Guinness stew, feeling rather grown up with my basket and list. I had to call James as they didn't sell film in the smaller store so he took a detour on the way home to buy some which also luckily gave me enough time to power walk home! He was surprised and touched  that I was cooking for him, yet he still hovered, cringing as I awkwardly cut vegetables and lit the gas hob, (I'm quite accident prone!).  I ordered him to go do geeky stuff and before I knew it my stew was simmering and looked remarkably like the stew in the picture! We gathered everything for craft night and printed out the template pieces for the pinhole camera!! I have been wanting to make one for the longest time and was sooo excited! We cut each part out and scored the fold lines, then glued the tabs (my job as I have nimble fingers and James is heavy handed!) It was quite tricky but several hours and a mini midnight photo shoot later it was complete! I love it so much and am trying not to worry about the film. As the first one, it's bound to not be perfect and I'm not even sure if I have been winding the film on correctly but even so I'm trying to let the excitement over ride the worry! 
If you want to make your own cute pinhole camera you can buy the e-book from here, or the paper camera book itself, with all the designs from here

We're looking forward to next weeks date night!  love emme lou x

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