Wednesday, 18 August 2010


I decided to get a tattoo for my 23rd birthday. I was so over the moon with it how it turned out and the fact that it was delicate and subtle. There was one little tiny patch where the colour didn't take (on the C) so me being me and a complete perfectionist had to book in to get it touched up. My Tattoo artist Mandy from Shoreline tattoos has left so I had to get another artist, a very well known awesome artist to do the touch up. It was a shaky start, she didn't believe me that it was a blue tattoo even though it is clearly blue and refused to believe me. She went to use the BLACK again and i said no it is blue, her reply was so you want it like the rest? I was like umm of course! So after explaining exactly what I wanted her to do for the third time she mixed some colours and started work. The touch up is black! I was not a happy bunny when the covering came off the next day and called them in a state. Apparently it will settle down into the same colour in 10 days. If not I can go in to get it fixed. I really don't see how it can fade to a completely different colour when it faded from a brighter blue in the first place?! Moral of the story, do not trust someone just because they are meant to be awesome! And don't trust that they will actually listen to you....hopefully I will be proven wrong in 7 days and it will be perfect...hopefully; but for now here is the tattoo before said touch up, looking pretty cute!

love emme lou x

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