Friday, 27 August 2010

Glad for Gladioli!

We haven't been to our allotment in weeks, maybe a bit longer! The thought of how bad it will be, after the last visit, where most of the crop had been eaten by big fat slugs had us in a grump. So I forced James to take us and prepared myself to be extremely disappointed. I had one beautiful flower, standing with others yet to bloom. This pretty thing lessened the blow of having no tomatoes or courgettes and only one runner bean (the naughty fat slugs had them for their dinner). The red onions and shallots were perfect (James is going to pickle them! yummm) and we found lots of potatoes too. I'm looking forward to next year now. After the stress and worrying things wouldn't grow and then seeing things flourish with barely any help has made me feel excited for next spring. We have learnt so much this Summer and should have enough to feed us all summer and winter next year! But for now it's some delicious potato salad and pickled onions!
Doily decorated bottle 'vase' (see earlier post for inspiration source) 

Love emme lou x

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