Friday, 20 August 2010

Tissues and Tidying

I have just said goodbye to James. He's now on the long journey back up country for the weekend. Luckily he went to buy food to feed the girls tonight so I don't have to brave the rain in my sniffly state, oh the lovely Cornish weather. I have a million things to do before the girls get here this afternoon. Tidying for one! It's amazing how quickly the house gets consumed by dirty dishes, things in the wrong place and laundry when you're ill. So with Passion Pit blaring (at a volume my poor head can handle) I'm making my way around the house. I'm hoping to get a few designs made up today so Summer Rose can model them this weekend for my much overdue shop update. For now I'll leave you with this little bit of loveliness found here. I may use this idea to label my dye pots!
 love emme lou x

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