Saturday, 23 October 2010

Naughty but Nice Night!

I had my first Falmouth night out this week..and it was a school night! Nicole and I went to Dr Sketchy's for a Burlesque workshop with Cherry Shakewell...(not Bakewell!) and drawing.  After a couple glasses of wine and wrestling with false eyelashes for almost an hour we walked into town feeling a little ridiculous with our stiletto heels and trench type coats, in the early evening. We ordered some delicious cocktails and waited nervously as other coy burlesquers entered the club. The venue was perfect for the event and the organiser Lorraine was lovely. Cherry Shakewell made the whole workshop so relaxed and fun, starting with a little warming up and then taught us a sexy tease routine. We sat out whilst the other brave and lovely ladies got their tassels out and feeling rather left out, agreed that we'd get ours out too next time! 
We sat by the front waiting for the drawing class to our panties and heels ,whilst other 'serious' artists filtered in wearing jeans and t shirts! We had a brilliant hour or so of drawing but it got to the point where we were too drunk to hold the pencil so snuck out at the break, there's no way we'd have lasted 3 hours! 
The idea was to go out dancing....but we ended up back in the house with pizza, a cuppa tea, P.J's and New just after 10pm!  Yup we are old ladies at heart who love tea and twilight! 
Photo of Cherry Shakewell by Jodie Tapping    
 We were feeling pretty peaky at Uni the next day..good job we didn't go dancing!  

Lonnve emme lou x

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