Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Making a Mess...

Did you ever think I would say that? I think being messy is ok as long as it's a creative mess...or you're ill; but even my tissues have been in an orderly pile!
Here's a view from my work room. I would say desk but the work has over spilt to my day bed, floor and bureau. It's a complete mess but I'm getting work done and it's the only way I can see everything that has to be done! I've been napping lots and trying to get a little work done when I feel up to it. It ended in an almost tantrum last night as it wasn't good enough. Maybe perfectionists shouldn't work when poorly?! 
I've cracked open the paint and glue, dug out the gum strip, masking tape, pencils and ink and got to work. I'm waiting for the page to dry before finishing it off. There's so much work to do but I'm trying to not plan and design each page before starting...it's kinda hard. I want a workbook that shows fluid ideas not designed and completed in hindsight. Even when I want a more messy look the ink splatters have to land in the correct place and smudge in just the right way.
Anyone else have this kind of issue with working? Or is it just me and my weird need for order and perfection?

Post a comment if you're the same! 

Love emme lou x

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