Monday, 25 October 2010

Finishing and Freshers Flu...

This week I completed my first sample of weaving. I finished it with different techniques and mounted them along with filling out notations. It was such a great feeling...but what wasn't so great was getting freshers flu and realising that I had yet to design and complete another set of samples, this time adding another metre on! I struggled through on Friday, feeling like my head was about to explode, got home, ate chicken soup and slept. I woke up, feeling like i was suffocating...due to the cold and my horrid dream...that I was, indeed, being suffocated but by tangled warp threads that I couldn't weave through! According to my tutors this means I will be a weaver...we shall see in three years time but I am thinking not!
Here is my week in photos...
My finished weave, in loom state. 

'Milling' my weave samples...aka squishing with feet on soapy foam!
I went to check out the scrap bins and look what I found! I can't believe someone threw these away! The best part as well is I got it all for free! I'm just a little excited! It's like thrifting but better. 
I am off sick today. Hopefully I will be peachy perfect in a couple of days ready for more weaving! I'm going to try and get a little sketchbook work done in between naps. Silly freshers flu. 

Love emme lou x

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