Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Vintage you say?!

I couldn't resist doing a little blog on the lovely vintage and Antique stores in Dartmouth! The cute vintage tape measure is haunting my little mind. It was so pretty. The whole of Dartmouth was beautiful but we were aware we were far from home, the Cornish are so relaxed! I was looking up as much as in the windows at the lovely buildings and ooing and aaaahing at all the beautiful stores, marching off with squeals of vintage! My favourite store without a doubt was Commerce. A beautiful store full of Worldly finds predominately French from linens to lanterns. I wanted everything in the store and the owner was so welcoming and we had a lovely chat!After browsing several home stores and an antique store later the fact that my purse was pretty empty made me long to go back to the castle empty handed in a teeny weeny sulk.Yes I sulked on the way back to the Castle!

Love emme lou x

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