Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Kings and Queens

I am on Christmas Break!! Yay! It is so lovely to catch up on sleep, chores and of course blogging! I am so run down what with a manic panic last week to hand in but I'm all done until the new year. I can finally share with you our amazing trip! 
So we took the boys to a...CASTLE! It was incredible. Kate and I had been staring at photos for 8 months but it didn't prepare us for how breathtakingly beautiful Kingswear was. We did a great job of finding it, through Dartmoor, across the ferry, down scarily narrow cliff roads and pulled up just as the sun was setting. The look on the boys faces was worth the secrets and stress. Not only did we have our very own castle for the long weekend but we also had the WW2 bunk house with the shower...we stuck to baths in the castle! The castle was imaculate. Fully furnished, a home away from home. Every detail was perfect from the matching china, to extra blankets and heaters. All past log books were left for us to read and the housekeeper left us some milk in the fridge.  The living rooms were so comfortable that it was only when we looked out the window or went to the staircase that we realised where we were! We felt so cut off from everyone, just us, the castle and the beautiful sea. I was itching to get into the water from the moment we turned up. Worried voices of concern kept piping up but I finally managed to scale the rocky cliff and went for a November dip. The lagoon was so clear and I felt incredible as James and our friends watched me in disbelief.
There was no computer, TV or music, just us walking, talking, laughing, playing games, sewing and eating. So perfect. 
I didn't even mind the Smoo! (the trip wouldn't have been the same without him sssssh)
 To top it off as I was cleaning my teeth on our last night I opened the door to the roof top and realised it was snowing. Such a perfect ending. Just looking back on these photos makes me just a little Castlesick. I can't wait to go back. If this little trip has inspired you check out The Landmark Trust.

Love emme lou x

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