Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Snow and Tears (part one)

 Yesterday we were meant to fly to Austria, to be with my family in Vienna...but we are still in the U.K. James and I drove up the day before I flight and stayed in a hotel opposite the BA terminal. It looked promising but I stayed up most of the night on James' Iphone, checking departure timetables and the Met office. At 1am the flight before ours was cancelled but the 6.30am flight and two afternoon flights were operating. We were really hopeful and I saw a flight leave from our hotel window as we were getting ready to leave. Our flight however was cancelled just as we were putting on our boots. We had to go to Departures and Arrivals in order to get the bus to pick up the car. Heathrow weren't letting people into departures, just people crowding doors and staring at the departures screen. James checked just to make sure, ans our flight wasn't on the screen so we were advised to hang around and wait. So many people were trying to get to their families and one girl i spoke to was traveling by herself also worried about her sister flying from Dublin trying to get to  her parents as well. After about an hour James asked another information rep and our flight was on his confirmation list! We were told to try and get into Gate G and just as we were getting excited and hopeful , rushing past people, an announcement was made over the tannoy stating that all BA Short haul European flights were cancelled for the rest of the day. James checked twice with the British Airways man and with a definite no we left. I was so tired my tears were more sniffly until we got to the car and it wouldn't start. I was in floods. After a little while it started and we drove to James' mums house half  an hour away. We were (like many others) unable to get through to BA and rebook online all day. James finally managed to check flights to rebook but nothing was available at all. After speaking to my sister she helped us book the LAST two seats on a flight from Bristol on Boxing day. So so very lucky. There is hope that I will get to be with my family this Christmas after all...

Love emme lou x

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