Friday, 17 December 2010

Folksy Friday Mention

The lovely Fiona has featured the little mustard crochet bow on her Folksy Friday blog post. Check her out here.
I'm loving the cute sellers! Mr Wick (1) guessed it, candles! I want these banana soy bars so bad! mmmm The linen cat is sooo cute as is KikiChoo who I can't help but chuckle at, reminds me of two dear friends. Lola's room sells beautiful prints who I have been admiring for the past year.  Mozzypop, Laura's Jewellery and Girl of the 60s are all new to me too. Check out Wollies great DIY projects. Oh so cute!

I'm also a little excited as I have just sold my first item from the new collection! 
4. Emme Lou
7. Laura's Jewellery
Love emme lou x

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FionaFach said...

Thank you for the mention!!! :) lovely post and really nice blog

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