Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remember Remember...

I was just getting over my flu and fever as Bonfire night crept around. I was desperate to get out of the house after a week camped out on the sofa so I wrapped up warm and James and I went on  a sniffly date to watch fireworks on Carbis Bay Beach. He queued in a ridiculously long line to get me some delicious hot donuts and we ate falafel whilst keeping toasty by the bonfire. The brilliant thing about it being on the beach was that the lovely sea air blew all the smoke away so it didn't aggravate my cough! In true British fashion as soon as the fireworks were over people started to leave. The event still had over two hours left but then the drizzle hit and people moved faster. James and I were left looking at each other in shock and went to meet our friend in St Ives for a drink and to play with sparklers on the beach.

 Love emme lou x

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