Friday, 26 November 2010

Off we go!

Today my dear friend Kate and I are driving the boys to a secret location for the weekend. We are so excited! I even know where the hidden key is! It's great having power although Kate and I are in a power battle. I am being ordered to get ready and she has changed the leaving time to half hour earlier! Those who know me will know this is a VERY bad idea. I have been threatened with being left behind! 
But I am in charge of directions. The boys aren't too happy about this though, I have no idea why!?
I'm packing up my sewing kit and will be manically working whilst the others are sleeping and playing monopoly...I'm far too competitive for board games. Pieces normally go flying. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Can't wait to share our trip with you.


 We Heart It
 Love emme lou x 

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Stop blogging and get ready! Hehe

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