Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I went to the Fair...

I'm catching up on a few blog posts this lunch time before cracking on with my course work...I have oooodles! I just wanted to share some photos of my Christmas Gift fair last weekend at Trereife. It wasn't a great weekend. I was at the entrance to the marquee and stock blew off my table all day Saturday, people complained about the draft and wind and it was just awful. I caught the event organiser and explained the problem with the wind and the heater being at the opposite end of the marquee. He was so lovely and helpful, immediately pinning over one of the doors and arranging a heater to be placed with us for the next day. A few stall holders were amazed at the power of my eye lash batter but you get a long way by just being polite. The lovely Steph brought me over a yummy cupcake to cheer me up which worked immensely and I went over to friends that night, and a cuddle of the gorgeous sleeping Matilda (below) took all the negatives away. The next day was better, warmer and I had some truly lovely excited customers. I am all ready now for my next fair. I can't wait! Will share more with you soon!
Shabby Cow, I got to meet Anne Marie who was absolutely lovely just like her stall!
My dear friend Jo did really well with her wares at The Chocolate Factory. She gave me an owl necklace!   
 My lovely friends Colin and Choo came, with Josie and their visiting friends who brought baby Matilda too before they embarked on their long trip back home, it was so lovely to meet them and to see Tilly's big blue eyes, after my sleeping cuddle the night before. Babies are so magical.

Love emme lou x

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