Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Crafty as a fox

Guess what I'm going to say...I've been so busy! I feel like a broken record but this is a manic time at the moment. Luckily weaving is now over, potentially over for ever if I want it to be which at the moment I do! We have now moved onto mixed media and I'm in my element stitching is what I do. I feel less pressure now which is brilliant as I've created more for myself and am busy sewing and crafting for the Christmas Gift buying Fair at Trereife this weekend. I'm so excited though and enjoying the intense making. I'm in my element. As the week goes on I'm sure the stress will kick in but for now I'm making good progress and feeling all festive! I'm a tad behind on my stitching for school but will be embroidering at the fair all weekend...hopefully I won't have time to though!
My dear friend Jo came over to drop off my bags for the fair and had a lovely catch up and showed me a few bits and pieces, one being extremely lovely and a little exciting! It's now safely stored in my sewing room waiting for me to repair! I took her our local hidden vintage store today and went rummaging in an antique flea shop. Needless to say I came home with some threads and of course buttons! I also brought a lovely (and cheap!) linen embroidery covered binder that I will do up for my Uni work. Normal sketchbooks are so boring! Here's a little peak at my day!

 Love emme lou x

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