Thursday, 22 March 2012

Work in progress

Well I didn't make my deadline! I was still working an hour and a half after it, when the head of design came around the corner! She was fine and lovely and my freaking out subsided, to oh well, it's a work in progress! The bottom of the dress has 80% of the embroidery left to be sewn and then it all needs to be put together to make the Oh so pretty party dress after Easter. I guess a complete redesign three days before the deadline was a little optimistic. 
The first two photos are of the final design before re design! The little semi circles are the sleeves, and I made the buttons which were then turned into hair clips for the new design! (see below) 
the sewing due to the tiny scale was painful, but so fun. I'm off to the city (Truro!) to have a floral consultation (squeeeaaal!) and will buy lots more mustard thread to complete. 

Love emme lou x

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