Friday, 8 June 2012

Where's the time gone?!

I've just seen that my last post was MARCH!?! Was I asleep from March till June? It feels like it's been a matter of weeks, but I've been so busy that time has run away from me. From then to now there has been a trip to London, two wedding dresses bought (only one is mine!), three deadlines met and gone, 3 birthdays in our house, and one wedding!

So I think I'll start from the place I left off...

Here is the finished Baby Dress! Well toddler, age 2-3 but anything mini to me is baby! I presented to the lovely Isolde and Josie of the Thread Project and now it's hanging in my sewing room, wanting a little person to wear it. It was a labour of love, entirely hand embroidered, hand stitched neck, and sleeves, with teeeeny tiny stitches and fully lined.

©emmelou. x

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