Monday, 12 March 2012


 I started sewing my dress. After the teal dyeing went wrong I decided not to dye at all!
I chose a dull palette of threads, from my bright and pretty colour palette. Why?! Because I panicked and rushed my design, thinking it would look great. But as I was sat sewing at 11pm in my cute little room last night, staring at all the thread I knew it looked kind of horrid. Denial denial! Carry on sewing...

Today with my little sleeves and my buttons all done, I got to work on my yoke bib. I popped my name on the tutorial list and cracked on. 

My brilliant tutor told me...the colours were DRAB, and she wouldn't buy it. The worst thing?! I TOTALLY agreed! And she was also right how the colours looked like Brownies! As memories of wearing a mustard jumper and brown sash came flooding back I wondered what the hell was I thinking?! 

So......after a dog walk in the sun, cutting the grass, washing, power cleaning and buying tickets to see my baby sister in London, (megabus = more money for wedding shopping!)  I'm getting my head together to redesign. I need to make it fun, bright and something a stylish mummy like my tutor would want to buy for their little girl!!  OH and the deadline is Friday. 

Fingers crossed.

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