Sunday, 18 December 2011

Stalking Olly

Ok is the Olly Murs plane story...we boarded our little BMI plane (sad it wasn't Austrian Airlines with their yummy muffins!) and got all comfy when James said casually 'isn't that that guy..Olly Murs?' and 'I was like is it..IS IT! it is! It has to be! omg omg!' staring straight at him as if he couldn't see me, as james went back to reading the airline magazine. Now i'm not even that big a fan, or a fan at all! I mean I watched him on X Factor, i like singing to his songs like a looser in the car but that's about it. However as soon as I see him walk past us on the confined plane with his cute little hat I get all ridiculous like a teen fan! (could have been the hysterical tiredness/sadness of missing my family that made me go a little crazy!) 
So anyway...for the whole of the flight I kept turning around to stare at him, what I could see, and stared a little more whilst rummaging for my kindle in the overhead storage! At which point Mr Olly was taking a nap on his coat listening to music, maybe himself?! James found me utterly ridiculous, especially when he asked me to name one of his songs and I couldn't! whooops! Anywho, I tried to take sneaky shots and laughed at his band/dancers(?) sleeping, but failed miserably on the photos. I could have asked for one, after all he was stood shoulder to shoulder to me! But I was too much of a 'star struck' pansy! I was pathetic! So these are the few terrible photos I do have. I also saw his dancer friend skipping to the toilet whilst he followed...James refused to follow them to ask for a photo! Next time I see a celebrity I will be as cool as a cucumber! 
See Olly 4 rows back! the guy behind us (grumpy looking guy) was grumpy most likely for me turning around the whole flight! And he is in the beige jacket below! 

Love emme lou x

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